The Population Science & Demography Lab is comprised of several offerings that span on-premise and cloud computing services in order to advance population science in a way that is secure, performant, and flexible to meet the research and instructional needs of UC Berkeley Demography, Berkleley Population Center, and the Center for the Economics and Demography of Aging).

The lab wiki can still be found here for reference: https://lab.demog.berkeley.edu/


For internal discussion, there is a Demography department Slack workspace for members of the department. Benefits of Slack include: reduced email clutter, and fast, accessible, real-time discussion with colleagues.


For maintaining and contributing to collaborative Demography and Population Science projects that are code-based, we use both public and private Github repositories.


Eduroam is the recommended Wi-Fi service to use while on campus. Available in almost all buildings across UC Berkeley, eduroam is the most stable and secure, authenticated service. Visitors to UC Berkeley who come from a participating institution will be able to use this WiFi network without the need for guest passes or additional configuration.

Members of the Berkeley community need to create an eduroam wi-fi key

Berkeley-Visitor is a Wi-Fi service intended for visitors to campus. It provides basic internet access to websites and allows users to use VPN services to connect to their home institutions or enterprises. Berkeley-Visitor is not intended for use by members of the campus community who have access to eduroam.

Berkeley remote access VPN service allows CalNet ID–authenticated users to securely access the UC Berkeley network from outside campus and encrypts the information sent through the network. The campus VPN is required to access AEoD & SRDC Virtual Machines, Berkeley administrative tools, and library databases.


There are many printing options distributed on-campus

Locally, Demography department members can use the in-house printer, Canon iR-ADV C5235/5240


Select a shared printer by name. In the box enter http://cupshost.demog.berkeley.edu:631/printers/SSB-Reproduction. The Add Printer Wizard dialog will prompt you to choose the printer driver. You can always use a generic postscript driver, but then you will not have access to all the features of the particular printer.


System Preferences > Printers and Scanners.

Click the Add a printer, Scanner, or Fax button and select the networked printer icon.

Address: cupshost.demog.berkeley.edu
Protocol: IPP
Queue: /printers/SSB-Reproduction

Getting Help

For help or to report an issue with this site, email: demographyit<at>berkeley.edu.

To make a pull request for this site please visit the github repo.