Instructional Computing

DataHub (Project Jupyter)

DataHub is a highly available and scalable open-source statistical computing platform allowing for reproducible science practices in popular programming languages such as R and Python. These servers are intended for instructional applications such as Rstudio for the BPC’s Annual Workshop on Formal Demography. and large courses like Econ/Demog 175.

Berkeley DataHub is a collaborative effort between Population Sciences and the College of Computing, Data Science, and Society. If you are interested in DataHub for your instructional needs please reach out on Slack, email demographyit<at>, or check out the instructions provided by the DataHub team for more information.


Berkeley D-Lab is a valued partner of Berkeley Demography and the Berkeley Population Center. D-Lab is a collective of Berkeley researchers advancing scholarship in the social sciences and humanities. The D-Lab offers data consultations, trainings, and are home to a number of important data curation initiatives