I am a climate scientist specializing in large-scale climate dynamics. I have always been fascinated by the Earth’s climate and its changes, and in my work I hope to reveal its appeal through understanding how it works. I research both modern-day climate and paleoclimate questions, and with a focus on understanding mechanisms of rainfall changes.

Past climates motivate much of my research, as they provide compelling scenarios and valuable data on how the Earth system reorganizes in the face of climate forcings. The ultimate goal is to understand and predict how the global and regional climate changes in the wake of climate variations such as ENSO, and climate forcings such as greenhouse gas and orbital changes.

My current research interests include East Asian summer monsoon dynamics, Western US rainfall, and Pacific cold tongue dynamics. My research page has details of current and past research interests.

My teaching interests include climate dynamics and earth science, and the science and implications of global warming.

I also previously served as the co-Editor in Chief of the Journal of Climate (2015-2020).