I ordered the topics in some loose combination of relevance to current research, and the time and effort I have put into them. I do not include some recent interests that are still in early stages.

The descriptions are somewhat wordy, but I want to convey the situation and thinking that led me down these paths. Most research topics arose serendipitously: chancing on a paper or a talk that caught my interest, or a conversation with a colleague.

Some ideas caught on quickly, like the ITCZ shifts. Others took longer - the Pacific Meridional Mode languished for years before gaining wider acceptance. I’m still waiting on takers for the Split Jet idea. I don’t mind - it allows for more time to develop them.

Orbital eccentricity and Earth’s seasonal climate

ITCZ shifts and interhemispheric thermal contrasts

Westerlies and the East Asian Summer Monsoon

Meridional Modes in the Atlantic and Pacific

Southern Hemisphere westerlies and South Pacific Split Jet

AMOC changes and impacts

Tropical ENSO teleconnections

Tropical ocean surface winds