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Staff Headcount

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(Last updated on February 14, 2024)
Sources & Methodology:
  • UC Berkeley's human resources census headcount data is available in our data warehouse reporting system, Cal Answers, and represents Fall (October) census headcounts. In those cases where a person has multiple simultaneous job appointments, this dataset counts each person only in their primary job to avoid any duplication at lower organizational levels.
  • The undergraduate and graduate student Fall census headcounts that we use in calculations on the "Campus Headcount" page are also available in the Cal Answers reporting system.
  • In 2019, the campus expanded its definition of the Non-Academic Staff category to include some people who were previously counted as Affiliates. In order to display trends correctly, we have added these employees into the Non-Academic Staff headcount for all years shown in this dashboard.
  • When we compile this data each year, we always restate the entire 10 years of data using the most current campus organizational and job hierarchies, so that trends work appropriately. If you've saved data or screenshots from a past release of this dashboard, you may therefore note differences as units and jobs occasionally move around in their respective reporting hierarchies.
  • The staff and student data that appear on the "Summary & Peer Comp" page are sourced from the National Center for Education Statistics IPEDS site. See below for more information.
Notes on Other Available Data:
  • You can find more information about UC Berkeley's staff on the Berkeley Human Resources website. That website and Cal Answers HR reporting may show somewhat different Staff headcounts than you see on this dashboard for years prior to 2019, due to the definitional issue noted above. In order for trends to work correctly in this dashboard, we have updated pre-2019 data to include some Affiliates who are now counted as Staff. Other HR Census counts may not make this correction to historical data, however.
  • The UC Information Center's Employee Headcount dashboard, contains payroll-derived headcount values for each UC location. The "Non-Academic" section of the UCOP dashboard, leaving out "Student Staff," gives headcount totals that are close to campus HR data.
  • The National Center for Education Statistics (often referred to as "IPEDS," the name of their primary data collection program for postsecondary institutions) publishes two staff headcount datasets, which are both used in the "Summary & Peer Comp" page of this dashboard. For that page, we also use total student counts from IPEDS.
    • One dataset is for full-time and part-time non-instructional staff as of November 1st, but includes medical staff, which makes comparisons difficult between institutions that have medical schools and those (like Berkeley) that don't. Note that Berkeley does have some medical staff, however, in units such as the School of Optometry and University Health Services.
    • The other dataset is for full-time non-medical non-instructional staff as of November 1st, but that leaves out part-time workers.
    • The UC Office of the President sends this data to the NCES on behalf of the campuses, using payroll (not HR) data as the source, so it's not a perfect match with our campus HR data. Also keep in mind that IPEDS excludes Optometry Residents, resulting in lower graduate student counts than are typically reported on campus.