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% of Out-of-State Domestic Undergraduates by U.S. State/Territory

Click on the Play button to view changes in the percent of registered undergraduate students by US State between 2009 and 2019. Or, click directly on the timeline to view the data for that year.

Download this data here (Last updated on October 30, 2019)
Sources & Methodology:
  • Data comes from UC Berkeley's data warehouse reporting system, Cal Answers.
  • Shown here is a map for those students with a home location code. Home location is sourced from the UC undergraduate application for admissions and represents what a given student indicated as their home address at time of application. Not all of the registered out-of-state domestic undergraduates in a given term had home location codes on record.
  • Percentages are not based on the total undergraduate population but are instead based on the total number of out-of-state domestic undergraduates who had a US State/Territory on file as their home location in the fall term of each year displayed.