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Undergraduate Graduation Rates

When available, use the filters to the right of each dashboard page to view graduation rates by entry type, gender, and ethnicity. Or, click on the navigation boxes/arrows that appear at the top of each dashboard page for a brief guided tour through the data.

Download this data here (Last updated on December 21, 2018)
Sources & Methodology:
  • This graduation rate data is available in Berkeley's data warehouse reporting system, Cal Answers. For each cohort of entering undergraduate students, we count the total elapsed time to graduation of each student, not just semesters in which they're actually enrolled. Students who graduate in a summer term are grouped with those graduating in the immediately preceding spring semester for counting purposes.
  • These are Berkeley-only rates, so students who leave Berkeley and then graduate from another university are still counted as not graduated.
  • Note that some bars may not sum exactly to 100%, due to rounding errors.
  • The "Underrepresented Minority" ethnicity category includes students who self-identify as African-American, Chicanx/Latinx, or Native American/Alaska Native. The "Asian/Pacific Islander" ethnicity category includes students who self-identify as either Asian or Pacific Islander. The "International" category includes non-US citizens/non-permanent residents, who are not counted under specific ethnicities for federal reporting purposes. The "White/Other" ethnicity category includes students who self-identify as White or do not provide information. Prior to 2011, students could also choose an "Other" ethnic category.
Notes on Other Available Data: