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Career Destinations Survey

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(Last updated on June 27, 2019)
Sources & Methodology:
  • Every year, UC Berkeley's Career Center conducts the Career Destinations Survey, which asks graduating seniors about their post-graduation plans. Each survey year includes the undergraduate graduating cohorts from August, December, and May of that academic year. Those cohorts are surveyed on a rolling basis, and are given the opportunity to update their responses for a few months after receiving their degrees.
  • Overall campus response rates for the survey typically range between 30% and 40%. Degree recipients of the Haas School of Business tend to be more likely to respond (as high as 70% in 2016-17), while L&S Arts & Humanities and College of Environmental Design graduates tend to be less likely to respond (typically around 30%). Chemistry and Engineering usually have around 40% response rates; Natural Resources and the remaining L&S divisions tend to be in the mid-30% range.
  • In addition to full-time employment, the Employed Full-Time category includes paid and unpaid internships, fellowships or volunteer positions, self-employed positions, and membership in the armed forces. Attending Grad School includes students who have been accepted or intend to start grad school within a year of graduation. The Other Endeavors category includes part-time employment, taking a year off, and other pursuits.
  • Respondents in the Employed Full-Time category can select one job sector that best describes their employer. The survey defines "Business/Industry" as for-profit organizations that provide a service and/or produce a product.
  • On the "Obtaining Employment" page, the "Overall, Would You Recommend the Career Center's Services to a Fellow Student?" chart only includes responses from graduating students who actually used the Career Center.
  • The "Residency" values on this dashboard's "Explore the Data" page represent each student's official "demographic" residency, and so may not reflect the actual tuition and fees that a given student pays after various waivers are applied.
Notes on Other Available Data:
  • Berkeley's Career Center publishes data from the most recent three Career Destinations Surveys. For even more detail, check out the "What Can I Do With a Major In...?" reports shown there.
  • The UC Information Center includes dashboards that look at alumni employment, earnings, and graduate degree attainment for each undergraduate campus. See UC Alumni at Work and UC Alumni Graduate Degree Outcomes.