Github @Berkeley

Welcome to the UC Berkeley GitHub Enterprise Service!

This is a private instance of GitHub that is operated by the Engineering and Integration Services (EIS) team within Berkeley Information Technology (bIT). It is offered as a centrally funded service to UC Berkeley Campus staff, faculty, students and affiliates. GitHub @Berkeley, like the original GitHub site, is self-service and self-supported. This service is supported under the terms in the GitHub @Berkeley SLA.

Appropriate Content

GitHub @Berkeley is only intended to store data that falls under Data Protection Level P2 (formerly UCB PL0 and PL1) classification. It should not be used to store sensitive data, including (but not limited to):

User Responsibilities

Users are responsible for the security and privacy of their own content through thoughtful use of Github Enterprise security/privacy settings and consideration of what content is appropriate to store in the service.

GitHub @Berkeley is not intended as a file storage/sharing service - view available options at bConnected. Files larger than 100MB will not be accepted for checkin/commit and we request that users keep their overall repository size under 1GB. Please see the guidelines published by github.

Resources and Documentation

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Online Training

Applicable University Policies

Use of GitHub @Berkeley is subject to all the Campus Computer Usage Policies and users are required to abide by these policies when using this service.

The GitHub @Berkeley service complies with the UC Berkeley Website Privacy Statement